Founder. H&M Artist

Kim has been in the beauty industry for 8 years, and is the founder of Poetically Brushed. Her greatest passion is to bring the romance to life. Styling each bride to be soft, or glamours, simple, classic, bold, carefree, they all goes hand in hand, and she has dedicated herself to listen to your desires in order to reach those goals! She is most known for her big chunky braids, and naturally glam makeup looks.

On the flip side, you will be in communication with Kim about the details for your wedding. For each Poetically Brushed wedding, she will guide you through the contract, make a schedule for the day of, and answer any other questions you may have along the way. Although she mainly works with brides Kim's portfolio covers an array of event styling and is also a licensed cosmetologist.

Spare time is a thing of the past, and when Kim isn't working on the business she is at home with her three squishy cheeked kids, homeschooling the day away. She can also be found on work sites with her hubby flipping a house.





H&M Artist

For as long as she can remember Ashley has been filled with passion and excitement for this industry. She might even be overheard saying jokingly that she lives it, sleeps it, and breathes it. Lives to breathe in the hairspray and  sleeps to taste it all again the next day! All joking aside it is her reality; taking care of people on the best days of their lives, it is the best job you could have. The job she gets to do is not even work but an ultimate joy and she is honored by every person that sits in her chair. She is proud to be part of the Poetically Brushed team and looks forward to making your styling visions come to life. Her goal is to make everyone look and feel like the best version of themselves. Everyone is unique!
When Ashley is not styling for weddings she can be found in the salon making coloring/cutting dreams come true! At home, she is surrounded by love and happiness which she shares with her husband and two sons.



H&M Artist

Krystal has loved the creative process of styling hair and makeup for as long as she can remember! She graduated from The Temple, a Paul Mitchell partner and became a licensed cosmetologist in 2014. While still in cosmetology school, Krystal began assisting seasoned bridal stylists; her desire for learning more about styling bridesmaids and brides blossomed from there and only continues to grow! 
During the week Krystal might be found on set doing H&M for a documentary film, a photoshoot or even commercial, hosting a bridal trial, and cutting/coloring hair. When she is not working she is spending time with her husband and 2 daughters; probably cuddling with their black cat Eugene. She loves music, meditation, a daily dose of caffeine, and collecting books! Hates laundry.

To style your hair and makeup, she considers it an honor and is thrilled, grateful, and ready to be present for your special occasion! 



Makeup Artist

Caitlin has always had a passion for skincare and beauty. She loves being able to take her bride’s personality, style, and inspiration and turn it into the look they’ve always dreamed of. Natural, fresh skin is Caitlin’s specialty, because she believes that every bride should be absolutely radiant on their wedding day. During the week, you can find Caitlin doing makeup for political figures and business executives, and her work can be seen in magazines and on television.
Outside of her passion for makeup, Caitlin is the step mom to a smart and sassy nine year old, as well as a fur mom to 2 cats and 6 ducks. In her spare time she loves cooking and baking, and runs a beauty blog.