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Professional Bridal Hair and Makeup

More Economical.

We understand, not every bride is looking for an updo or glamorous makeup look. If you are searching for professional services, however, maybe you desire something more minimal than most bridal looks, you have found your match. Starting 2023, our up and coming lead stylists will be free to work with brides who are seeking a more minimal look or just an economical choice. 



H&M Artist

Laura is a stylist that has been working with the Poetically Brushed and makeup team since she graduated cosmetology and began working  with the team in 2016. Laura began as an assistant, prepping hair and makeup for finishing looks, and worked as our best assistant for three years. Laura's career outside of cosmetology began to grow, which required her to step away from the team. In 2022 Laura became a mom to a beautiful little girl, this prompted her to want to be at home more, and also allowed her to get back to weddings! The Poetically Brushed team could not be any happier! Laura is growing to become a full lead stylist, and is fit to work with brides who are looking for a budget friendly stylist. Her rate 40% less for brides and their parties compared to our regular rate. In a world of increasing costs, we are proud to introduce this option to our brides! 

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